American Karate System
Dr. Robert Debelak

Dr. Robert P. Debelak Jr.
American Karate System
6th Degree Black Belt

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Dr. Robert Debelak, 6th Dan, is a member of the AKS Board of Advisors.  He and his wife, Gudrun, represented the AKS in Germany (1984 - 1991.  Their work contributed significantly to an established AKS presence in Europe.

Side Kick

Dr. Debelak's martial art career began in 1973 and includes formal training in a variety of Korean, Chinese, and Okinawan arts. He holds dan-level ranking in the American Karate System (6th Dan) and Moo Duk Kwan (2nd Dan). He has over 34 years with the American Karate System, and has represented our organization at home and overseas (as instructor and competitor).  His efforts have been geared toward exposing others to the technical quality and traditional values of the American Karate System.

A little class time . . .

Some of Dr. Debelak's background events and milestones include:
      1981  Instructor, Hessisch Oldendorf AKS Karate Club, Germany
      1982  Instructor, Benbrook Tae Kwon Do Club, Fort Worth, TX
      1984  Reopened Hessisch Oldendorf AKS Karate Club, Germany
      1985  AKS Representative, Germany
      1986  Conducted 1st AKS Friendship Tournament
      1987  Conducted 2nd AKS Friendship Tournament
      1987  Home Coming Tournament for Mr. Lieb, Germany
      2000  Appointment to AKS Board of Directors
      2002  6th Dan American Karate System, Master Level, Muskegon, Michigan

Three of many individuals who have played significant roles in his training and development as a martial artist are:  Ken "Crazy Legs" Lucio (Eagle-Dragon Chinese Kenpo Karate Association); Andreas Modl (Wado Ryu - Dojo Fujiyama);  with distinctive kudos to friend and instructor, Michael A. Sullenger (American Karate System).

Rob comments: "Mike has a keen knack for challenging a person to be the very best they can be.  It has always been his goal to pull the best out of a person and help them grow.  He is a teacher - in and out of the dojo - in the true sense of the word."  I recall a few guiding ideals he emphasized when I first met him over 20 years ago.  He said: "Better to be a great brown belt than an average black belt."  Further, Mike instilled well-rounded development: "AKS martial artists are trained to perform in a variety of circumstances (on the mat or on the streets), and to be a successful karateka, you must strive to excel no matter where you find yourself.  Mike, I thank God for you.  Your faith, friendship, and support mean more than you know."

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies - Lee University
Robert P. Debelak Jr., D. Min
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Lee University, Cleveland TN

Dr. Debelak teaches courses In Biblical Studies, with an emphasis in Old Testament.  His doctoral work focused on how the Old Testament Book of Esther offers a paradigm for reading Biblical Narrative.